Makayla Moster


CS Ph.D. candidate at Clemson University
Human Factors Software Engineering

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Pronouns: she/her/hers


My Research Interests: Computer Science Education, Software Engineering Education, Remote Work/Learning, and Human-Computer Interaction


Moster, M., Ford, D., Rodeghero, P. "'Is My Mic On?' Preparing SE Students for Collaborative Remote Work and Hybrid Team Communication", in Proc. of the 43rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering - Joint Software Engineering Education and Training Track (ICSE JSEET '21), Madrid, Spain (virtual), May 23-29, 2021.
pre-print | ICSE talk

Huff Jr, E. W., Boateng, K., Moster, M., Rodeghero, P., Brinkley, J. "Exploring the Perspectives of Teachers of the Visually Impaired Regarding Accessible K12 Computing Education", in Proc. of the 51st Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE '21), Toronto, Canada (virtual), March 13-20, 2021.


Huff Jr, E. W., Boateng, K., Moster, M., Rodeghero, P., Brinkley, J. "Examining the Work Experience of Programmers with Visual Impairments", in Proc. of the 36th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution - New Ideas and Emerging Results Track (ICSME NIER '20), Adelaide, Australia (virtual), Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2020.

Undergraduate Research

I spent a year and a half doing computer graphics research as an undergrad. Below are two projects I completed that had to do with procedurally generating fractal trees using C++ and OpenGL.